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2024 UMBAS Summer Band

Dear U of M Alumni, Students, Friends and Family,
Our next summer of music is approaching, and we invite you to join us for another season of the UMBAS (University of Minnesota Alumni Band Society) Summer Band. If you have not played with us before, we are a community concert band-style ensemble that performs several outdoor concerts in the Twin Cities area each summer. This is not an exclusive group by any means – the more the merrier! Feel free to forward this email to anyone you think will be interested.

2024 Summer Band Registration Form

Please register AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

2024 Summer Band Schedule
The band rehearses on Wednesday evenings, as laid out in our schedule below (performances are bolded). As of now, all rehearsals will be held either outside on the West Plaza or in the Marching Band Main Rehearsal Hall at Huntington Bank Stadium (HBS) on the campus of the University of Minnesota from 6-9pm. Parking is available right outside the stadium ($1 an hour), but other parking and transit options are always utilized by our members. You can enter through the marching band entrance, located inside the Pope County entrance on the North side of the stadium. We are flexible with scheduling conflicts, since summer is frequently a time of traveling and activities. I will ask that you try to be present at as many rehearsals as possible, since it is still our intent to be able to play great music at a high level. A specific request in this regard would be to make sure that if you need to miss a rehearsal that it not be a rehearsal immediately before a concert – unless you are also not available to attend that concert.

  • W 5/29: Rehearsal; 6-9pm; MRH, Huntington Bank Stadium

  • W 6/5: Rehearsal; 6-9pm; MRH, Huntington Bank Stadium

  • W 6/12: Rehearsal; 6-9pm; MRH, Huntington Bank Stadium

  • Th 6/20 (Off Juneteenth): Rehearsal; 6-9pm; MRH, Huntington Bank Stadium

  • W 6/26- Rehearsal; 6-9pm; MRH, Huntington Bank Stadium

  • W 7/10 Rehearsal; 6-9pm; MRH, Huntington Bank Stadium

  • W 7/17- Rehearsal; 6-9pm; MRH, Huntington Bank Stadium


  • Th 6/27/24: St. Louis Park Middle School Performing Arts Center, 7pm

  • Th 7/11- Northrop Plaza Performance; 7pm

  • Th 7/18- St. Paul Cathedral Performance; 7pm


Traditional Music

  • Star Spangled Banner

  • Minnesota Rouser

  • Minnesota March

  • Go Gopher Victory

  • MN Fight

  • Our MN

  • Battle Hymn of the Republic

  • Hail! MN

Concert Band Repertoire

  • On Parade; Alrdidge, Amanda C.E.

  • Halcyon Hearts; Copley, Katahj

  • 1st Suite in Eb; Holst, Gustaf

  • Overture to "Candide"; Bernstein, Leonard/ arr. Clare Grundman

  • The Thunderer; Sousa, John Phillip

  • Arabesque; Hazo, Samuel

  • Gopher Variations; Root, Thomas

  • Terpsichorean Dances; Blackshaw, Jodie

Our overall instrumentation will affect the concert repertoire that will be chosen for this season. Music will be sent out via email prior to the first rehearsal.

Thank you again, and please try to fill out the registration form prior to May 15th. With everyone’s unique schedules, we rely on strength in numbers. As stated earlier, please feel free to extend this invitation to those who are not directly affiliated with the U of M. You might have friends or family that are interested in playing in a group like this and we would welcome them with open arms.
As always, please feel free to email if you have any questions or concerns. We are looking forward to working with you all starting May 22nd!
Ski-U-Mah, and Go Gophers,
Roy Pienaar
2024 Summer Band Director

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