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It's time for the 2023 UMBAS Board of Directors Elections. Below you will find information regarding the 2023 Board of Directors Elections including a link to the election ballot as well as candidate bios for all who are running for positions. 

Voting will close on Friday, December 2nd at Noon CST. If you have questions or problems with the election ballot, please reach out to Adam Connolly at

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President-Elect Candidate

Years in Band: 1975-1981

Ensembles: marching Band, Campus Bands, Symphonic Band, Pep Bands, Brass Choir

Instrument(s) played: Alto Sax, Mellophone, Oboe, Percussion

What excites you about being on the UMBAS Board of Directors: Meeting other alumni and current students, planning events to bring alumni together, preserving the Band Alumni heritage while adapting to current and future needs.



There were no candidates who accepted the nomination for Secretary-Elect. You will have the opportunity to write in a candidate when you fill out your election ballot.



There were no candidates who accepted the nomination for Treasurer-Elect. You will have the opportunity to write in a candidate when you fill out your election ballot.



At-Large Director Candidate

Years in Band: 1983-1986, & worked in the Ensemble Office at Northrop 1987-88 (and a couple of years of summer band following that)

Ensembles: Marching Band, Concert Band, Brass Ensemble, University Opera Pit Orchestra, Summer Band

Instrument(s): Percussion, Drumline - Bass & Cymbals

What excites you about being part of the UMBAS Board of Directors: I am a four-time graduate of the University of Minnesota and am committed to the mission of our land grant institution.  Marching Band was a cornerstone in my undergraduate years and remains a central part of my friendships and social circles.  As a student in the School of Music in both Scott Hall as well as Ferguson Hall, I had the great privilege of being part of some amazing ensembles and was inspired by the influence of transformational professors, staff, and guest conductors while part of the music department in the mid-to-late 1980s. As an adult, I have played with the Roseville Community Band, Minnesota Brass, St. Cloud Symphony Orchestra, Medalist Concert Band, Grand Symphonic Winds, and the Minnesota Philharmonic Orchestra.

I have served as a board member with the Minnesota Toyx4's as well as with the Minnesota Philharmonic Orchestra, including several years as secretary, and served on ad hoc committees including the conductor search committee.  Upon starting my doctoral studies at the U of MN, I withdrew from active playing with ensembles and volunteerism. For the last several years I have volunteered with Cairn Rescue USA.  

I'm beginning to yearn to play again and would like to "give back" to organizations that have had great importance in my life.  I have been a member of the Band Alumni Society for many years and believe that my previous board work, experience as a music educator, school and district administrator, as well as my volunteer experience, would provide a supportive voice and tireless advocate for the band program at the University of Minnesota.  I am truly a tireless fan of and advocate for the University of Minnesota amongst my peers, family, and social circles, and I am so very proud of the legacy and accomplishments our own "U" stands for.  I would be honored to serve as a member of the Board of Directors for UMBAS.



At-Large Director Candidate

Years in Band: 2015-2018

Ensembles: Marching Band, Gopher Band, Gold Band, Maroon Band, Jazz I & II, North Star Band, University Band, Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble

Instrument Played: Trumpet

What excites you about being part of the UMBAS Board of Directors: UMBAS has been a part of my life since I was a young child coming to watch my parents perform for the Homecoming Parade and Halftime show, and getting to hold music for them on the Minnesota State Fair Stage. The organization has the unique ability to connect seemingly disparate groups of alumni together to play for a common cause, share memories from across generations of band culture, and honor the shared traditions that have created the Pride of Minnesota we know today. As an adult musician who continues to be active in the local band community, I would love the honor of getting to be a part of the UMBAS board and continuing to carry forward the traditions and values of band alumni through the next generation. I would be honored to be selected to represent UMMB alumni as one of the Directors at Large.



At-Large Director Candidate

Years in Band: 2016-2020

Ensembles: Marching Band, Pep Band

Instrument Played: Bass Drum

What excites you about being part of the UMBAS Board of Directors: The past two years of serving on the board were amazing, and I’m hoping to continue my service to both the alumni and current students. Organizing the Aquatennial Parade performance has definitely been a highlight of my time on the board and I was so happy to see us win an award for our performance this past summer! Words can’t describe the feeling of seeing and hearing past and present band members interact and play with each other and that’s my biggest aim as a board member, to foster connections between all band members. The band has a fantastic history that is so valuable to learn, and the current students making history are the ones to carry the band tradition forward, so connecting those two vital components of the band is key in my work and I would love to continue that on the UMBAS Board



At-Large Director Candidate

Years in Band: 1999-2005; 2009-2010

Ensembles: Pep Bands, University Band, Marching Band, Summer Band

Instrument(s) Played: Drumline, Trumpet, Baritone, Tenor Saxophone, Percussion

What excites you about being part of the UMBAS Board of Directors: I have a better understanding of time commitment within the Band Alumni Society and my responsibilities as an Office Support Assistant with the Marching Band. I want to stay involved with the Band Alumni Society to continue to work alongside other members of the board, and keep finding ways to make an impact for the organization and the members. I have a passion for the Pride of Minnesota members – past and present.

Thank you for your consideration.



At-Large Director Candidate

Years in Band: 2013-2017

Ensembles: Marching Band, Women's Pep Band, Men's Basketball Pep Band, Concert Band

Instrument Played: Flute

What excites you about being part of the UMBAS Board of Directors: I'm excited to bring fresh ideas and my experience in marketing and event planning to an event or project that UMBAS is hosting and to reconnect with my fellow alumni.


At-Large Director Candidate

Years in Band: 1970-1975

Ensembles: Marching Band, Concert Band, Pep Band

Instrument(s) Played: Tuba, Baritone

What excites you about being part of the UMBAS Board of Directors: 

I have been continuously active in UMBAS since 1976 with Homecoming and Aquatennial Parade Bi-Centennial celebration through today except unfortunately in 2020 because of COVID. 

I was active on the BAS board in the 80’s and participate in activities including summer band, Homecoming, tailgate band, pep band and State Fair.  It is important to me as BAS member to support the University’s band program and students, and to provide continuity and connections musically and socially for alumni.  Band is a life-long passion for me. 



At-Large Director Candidate

Years In Band: 1987-1993 

Ensembles: Marching Band (Flag), Pep Band (Clarinet), Summer Alumni Concert Band.

Instrument(s) Played: Flag & Clarinet

What excites you about being part of the UMBAS Board of Directors: To be able to help create opportunities for the alumni to fundraise for the scholarship fund, to socialize and to strengthen ties with all student bands.

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