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2024 UMBAS Board of Directors Elections

The 2024 UMBAS Board of Directors Election is now live.
Below you will find the candidates running for office.

Electronic Voting will be open from November 28th-December 7th. You can find the election ballot here: 2024 UMBAS Board Election Ballot

In-person voting will be available November 28, 29, and 30 from 7:30-8:00 p.m. in the upper lobby of Ted Mann Auditorium (look for Ellen Sorenson).

If you have any questions, please reach out to Ellen Sorenson, 2023 President-Elect, at

Kirsten Rasmussen-Kells

President-Elect Candidate

I marched flute from 2013-2017 and played in concert band from 2013-2018. Since my graduation in December 2017, I have also been on field staff. During my time at the U, I was in Tau Beta Sigma, which is where my official involvement in the UMBAS council began. I was one of the student representatives for the council for my last two years of school. Upon my graduation, I was elected to the position of secretary, and have been involved ever since. I am looking forward to this new opportunity within the council!

K Rasmussen.jpeg

Laura Ziegelski

Secretary-Elect Candidate

I'm excited to run for the position of Secretary-Elect for 2024. I graduated from the U in 2019 where I played clarinet for four years in the Marching Band and various Campus Bands. I held
the Secretary-Elect position in 2021 and served as Secretary in 2022. In addition to serving with the alumni society, I volunteer as Field Staff Coordinator for the Marching Band and get to see
the hard work and dedication that these fantastic students put in every day.

I believe our most important job as an alumni society is to support the current students and band alumni by providing a variety of experiences to connect with each other, learn more about
the band program, and continue making music.

L Ziegelski.jpg

Adam Peterson

Treasurer-Elect Candidate

I played trumpet in the marching band from 2015-2018.

What excites me about being part of the UMBAS Board of Directors in the Treasurer position: Band has the unique ability to bring people, regardless of background, together to create music, ultimately creating a sense of community that endures long after graduation. Some of us may still play our instruments, some only touch them once a year for Homecoming, some might not have the opportunity to play them at all.  However, the experiences, memories, people and connections don’t go away. I am excited to have the opportunity to continue the work that the UMBAS Board of Directors has done to help foster those connections and create new experiences all while supporting and giving back to the band programs at the University. I would be honored to be selected to represent all band alumni as Treasurer on the UMBAS Board of Directors.

A Peterson.png

Adam Connolly

Director-At-Large Candidate

Bands I was in: Marching Band, Campus Band, U Band, Women's Athletic Band 2008-2012; Trumpet & Baritone

As UMBAS continues to grow and evolve as an organization, I would like to continue serve this organization as a Director at Large to give back to the band program that has given so much to me. I previously served as President, Treasurer and as a Director at Large. As we look towards the future I want to continue to help engage alumni with the current band members as well as engaging alumni of all ages. We have a vast group of people who are devoted to promoting the bands. As we celebrate our past 75 years next year, and look towards how UMBAS connects
and supports both alumni and the current band students for the next 75 years, I hope I can continue to bring my skills and experiences to the board to continue to support the bands in every way.

Adam Connolly Bio Picture.jpeg

Kelsey LeRoy

Director-At-Large Candidate

Hello alumni! I graduated from the U in 2014 and was in both Marching Band and concert band. As an alumni, I've served on the Board of directors off and on since graduating and I participate
in Summer Band every year. 

Next year is the 75th Anniversary of the University of Minnesota Band Alumni Society, and getting the opportunity to serve my fellow alumni during this exciting year would be an honor.
My past experience on the board - serving as a board member, the social chair, sitting on the 125 Anniversary committee, secretary-elect, and secretary - will help me represent my fellow
alumni and board members.

K Leroy.jpg

Brooke Linzmeier

Director-At-Large Candidate

Between 2016 and 2019 I played clarinet or was student conductor in the following ensembles: UMMB, Gopher band, Maroon and Gold pep bands, Gopher, North Star, Symphonic and Wind Ensemble concert bands.

What excites me about being a member of the UMBAS board as a Director-at-Large is the opportunity to be a vessel to build and maintain community and cultivate peer relationships.
For myself, and many others I know, being a member of the band stemmed from a passion for music, but what kept us in the band were the people we were surrounded with. As someone who graduated at the peak of the pandemic, I know how hard it is to keep those relationships strong. One of my goals as a member of the board would be to continue making strong efforts to involve current band students in alumni events to foster strong connections. The building of these relationships will show current students that being a member of the band community does not end after graduation. I hope to create an environment where we can continue to uphold the band traditions we all know and love and continue to build community in a way that supports our students and alumni in personal, professional, and musical  growth. I would be honored to serve and represent the UMMB alumni as a Director-at-Large. 

B Linzmeier.PNG

Ron Maye

Director-At-Large Candidate

Marching Band- flags, cymbals, and percussion 1971/72-1976.
I have so many great memories of being in the marching band, Dr. Ben, and especially drum major Jim Mitchell. My successful business and music touring background I feel will be a great addition for this role.

R Maye.jpeg

Kris Pierskalla

Director-At-Large Candidate

UMMB 1988-1993 (Flute; Music Librarian (1990-93), Pep Bands 1988-94 UMMB Volunteer Staff 1994-97 (Marketing), Tau Beta Sigma, Alpha Iota 1990-94 (Historian)

I previously served on the UMBAS Board from 1997-2001. Serving the community has always been a passion of mine. I have volunteered extensively in Bloomington schools and Jefferson
Band Booster Club with several leadership positions. I also volunteer for the Bloomington Crime Prevention's annual Book'em Used Book Sale creating social media content and flyers
and organizing, inspecting and pricing donated items. I work in the Hennepin County Environment & Energy Department. As part of that position I have also served on professional non-profit boards for the Minnesota Association of Environmental Education from 1996-2003, and the Recycling Association of Minnesota from 1998-2004, and 2021-present, serving in various roles for both organizations. The University of Minnesota, and its band programs, have always had a special place in my heart, having met so many lifelong friends while part of the band, and reliving that experience in a different way now that so many of us have kids in the UMMB program. As both of my children are now in college and active at the University of Minnesota, I have decided to run for the UMBAS board once again to bring my years of non-profit leadership experience (budgets, large scale events, social activities and more) with me to proudly serve once again on the
UMBAS board and help continue the proud tradition of the organization while working on strengthening it.

K Pierskalla_edited.jpg

Elena Van Der Wege

Director-At-Large Candidate

I marched with the band from 1987-1993 as a flag, and played in the pep and concert bands as clarinet.  I continue to perform with the alumni band at assorted functions throughout the year,
along with my trumpeter husband, Jon-Mikel. I have served the band alumni society on and off the board since 1998, as secretary, director at large, President (2022), and as a general helper when needed. I am passionate about our society and what it provides for not just the alumni, but also the students that will one day become alums.  There are many exciting events for socializing,
performance, and fundraising and I’d like to help create new ones.  I would like to concentrate on fundraising, which goes to continuing those events and to provide scholarships to current
band students. I hope my love for the band alumni was felt during my time as President and I will continue to help serve the alumni for as long as possible.  Thank you.#bandisfamily

E Vanderwege.jpeg

Bev Warmka

Director-At-Large Candidate

I play clarinet.  I started with the band in 1995 and graduated in 2000.  While at the U, I was in the Marching Band, Basketball pep band and concert band. I haven’t been involved with the UMBAS council yet, but have participated in multiple alumni performances including Homecoming, Aquatennial, State Fair and summer concert band as well as pep band performances.  I feel now is the time I can give back to the group and would love
an opportunity to serve on the council. Thanks.

B Warmka.jpg
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