About the Mentorship Program

The UMBAS Mentoring Program is intended to strengthen the connection between band alumni and current band students across the many professions and majors pursued by these groups.  It is not intended to replace the collegiate mentoring programs but rather to work along side them, giving more options for students and alumni to interact.Mentoring Relationships are intended to

  • be professional in nature;
  • help students make the transition from an academic environment to the world of work;
  • offer an opportunity for professional development, networking and an exchange of ideas between experienced professionals and the next generation of leaders

We encourage any interested Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors to request a mentor.  We encourage Freshman to wait until they have finished their first year before requesting a mentor.  There will inevitably be some matches that don’t work out.  After both the mentor and student have given their best effort over the course of a month or so, please contact the mentorship team if either of you feel you need to make a change.In addition to individual matching, we are hoping to organize a small number of events over the course of the school year to be open to all band students regardless of school year.We will be providing a formal feedback mechanism at the completion of the school year.  If you have any immediate questions about the program or ongoing concerns about your mentorship match, please contact mentorship@skiumah.org.Below is some additional information provided by the UMAA for both mentor and student to effectively build their relationship.ExpectationsBenefits Ten Tips for Effective Mentoring Twelve Strategies for Effective Mentoring Questions For the Student to Ask the Mentor Also check out the Mentor Handbook on the main UMAA Mentorship site