Donation Opportunities

A core mission of the Band Alumni Society is supporting U. of M. Concert and Marching Bands.  Whether you are a Band Alum or someone who just enjoys the band programs at the U., consider providing financial support to the band program and the outstanding student-musicians who proudly represent the University of Minnesota through musical excellence.  The Band Alumni Society relies on funding from your donations, in addition to support it receives from the U. of M. Alumni Association and the U. of M. Intercollegiate Athletics Department, to make these scholarships possible.

Marching Band Uniform and Equipment Fund (20576)

The University of Minnesota Marching Band needs to replace its tired and worn, 23-year old uniforms. The goal is to have new marching band uniforms by Fall 2016. The new design will show the spirit, pride and traditions at Minnesota. Made in the USA, the new uniforms will be rugged, weather-resistant, and flexible, with reversible overlays. The band needs 400 uniforms at a cost of $1,000 per uniform. Every dollar raised beyond the $400,000 goal will go toward the Equipment Fund, which supports the maintenance and purchase of replacement instruments.

Engagement and Excellence Campaign

Click here for more information on how to contribute to this campaign, or click the Donate button to contribute via PayPal.

The Engagement endowment would reach out and engage with University of Minnesota alums, current students, prospective students and all Minnesotans to foster interest in music and affinity to the University. The proceeds from this endowment could fund the following for the Marching Band and the other band ensembles in the School of Music; away football game trips every other year, State Fair trips, indoor concerts, workshops with K-12 schools and high school honor bands.

The Excellence endowment would support the high quality of the Marching Band by ensuring consistent and stable leadership and operations of the band. The proceeds from this endowment could fund the Marching Band Director, the Marching Band Associate Director, other Marching Band staff, equipment, and operations.

Marching Into the Future Capital Campaign

Currently the U. of M. Marching Band is working with the U. of M. Foundation on the Marching Into the Future Capital Campaign to raise money for the build-out of the Marching Band Facility at the new TCF Bank Stadium and for scholarships. 

If you wish to donate to the Marching Into the Future campaign, or to the any of the other scholarship funds listed further down this page, you can use the University of Minnesota Foundation's secure website to make an online gift. 

As part of the campaign, President Robert Bruininks has pledged that the university will match all private gifts to the campaign dollar for dollar, effectively doubling the impact of your gift.

Other Endowed Funds

The U. of M. Foundation also manages several endowment funds that benefit band programs and students.  To make a gift to any of these funds, use the University of Minnesota Foundation's secure website.  You can designate which fund(s) you are giving to in the "Special Instructions" box.

  • Friends of the Band Fund (fund #1738) - Established by the Band Alumni Society in 1984, this fund provides money to cover special expenditures of band program. Most recently this fund has been used to cover the expense of a special residency at the U. of M. of the Bergen Woodwind Quintet.  Disbursement requests are approved by the director of bands, director of the Marching Band, President of BAS, and two additional BAS members.
  • Red McLeod Marching Band Scholarship Fund (#3129) - Established by Red McLeod in 1991, this fund provides money for scholarships to students in the Marching Band. Recipient selection is made by the Marching Band directors.
  • Connie Therens Memorial Scholarship Fund (#5710) - Established by Gary Therens and the Band Alumni Society in 2001 in memory of Connie Johnson Therens, this fund provides scholarships to a student in marching or concert band. Recipient selection is made by the U. of M. Bands directors.
  • Pride of Minnesota Leadership Fund - Established in 2004 by former Marching Band drum major Jon Tepe and former twirler Aimee Barmore, this fund provides scholarships to Marching Band student leaders. Recipient selection is made by the Marching Band directors.
  • University of Minnesota Band Alumni Society Scholarship Fund (#7793) - Orginally established by the Band Alumni Society in 2004, this fund was repurposed in 2009 to provide scholarships to Marching Band student leaders. Recipient selection is made by the Marching Band directors. This fund is eligible for the President's Scholarship Match, which doubles the normal annual payout available for scholarships.

Michael M. Jalma Scholarships

The Band Alumni Society annually awards the Michael M. Jalma Scholarships to U. of M. band program students who demonstrate leadership skills, academic achievement, and participation in community outreach and volunteerism.  The scholarships are funded from the society's operating funds -- any monies that exceed the society's expenses are allocated for the Jalma Scholarships.  Scholarship recipients are selected by the society with input from the U. Bands directors.

Donations for the Jalma Scholarships can be sent to:

U. of M. Band Alumni Society
Marching Band Suite - TCF Bank Stadium
423 - 23rd Avenue SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Please indicate that your gift is for the Jalma Scholarships.

For more information on all of the opportunities for giving to the U. of M. Bands, please contact Joe Sullivan, CLA Director of Development and Alumni Relations at 612-624-8573, or at